The Symposium

The New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NLPRA), established in 1965, is a non-profit organization specializing in mental health. It currently provides for persons in recovery of mental illness and their families a diverse range of residential, vocational, family care, community support and clinical psychological services, in addition to a variety of social enterprises. At the same time, NLPRA launches a series of mental awareness programmes on holistic body(3), mind(3) and spirit(0) well-being for the general public (Annual report: The Association is committed to strenuously driving its mission to pioneer and deliver people-focused, recovery-oriented and evidence-based mental health services with care and respect, innovation and continuous drive for excellence and professionalism. In fulfilment of this mission, while facing the challenges posed by the changing social needs in a “post-COVID” environment, NLPRA now humbly hosts a symposium themed “Change and Challenge: From Recovery to Holistic Well-being”. The aim is to provide a timely and suitable platform for government officials, professional sectors, service users, and all other interested parties in Hong Kong and elsewhere to reflect on our past experiences; and to explore how we should, embracing changes and meeting challenges, forge the way forward and better meet the increasing global needs for holistic 330 well-being.
Mr. HO Sai-chu
Patron, NLPRA
Prof, CHEUNG Mui Ching, Fanny
President, NLPRA
Prof. Annie TAM Kam-lan
Chairperson, Executive Committee, NLPRA
Mr. Thomas CHU Sai-ming